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7 Stupendous Festivals That You Wouldn't Know Earlier in 2019 

A human being of this generation is extremely busy earning money and paying his/her bills nowadays. No one wants to live a simple life and classy one will demand more than sufficient money. As a result, life is revolving around this without supreme feelings. Happiness is one of those who can’t provide you with money solely.


Occasional festival visits are something that can bring you up from your daily boring routine. It doesn’t matter whether it is traditional or new-born festivals. Kids of this generation love new-born festivals like a live music concert, art festival, digital exhibitions etc. You might have attended many of such as well. But today, we will be exploring some craziest but unique festivals of this world that you may be unaware of.

1. La Tomatina Festival – Spain

La Tomatina Festival has been held in Valencian town of east Spain since 1945. The date of the even is fixed which is last Wednesday of August each year. You will have to purchase tickets for to attend this festival that starts from 99 euro.


2. The Battle of Oranges - Italy

It is one of the largest food fights of Italy. As the name suggests, fighting by throwing organs on organized groups will be the action of attraction. If you are planning to visit Italy, plan it for early March and pay a visit to the battle of orange festival.


3. Download Festival - UK

This is a music genre festival. Since 2003, people of the United Kingdom are celebrating this festival. Donington Park is the location of this three-day event where people will be dancing on the beat of music the entire day. Camping experience of download uk should be definitely tried out.


4. Holi – India

Holi is a religious festival of Hindus, majority of India. It is an annual festival which indicates the arrival of spring. On the festival day, people light a huge bonfire on the occasion of winning over devils. The next day, people pour colour along with water on each other.


5. Beer Floating Kaljakellunta – Finland

It is widely known as beer floating. There is not diving or swimming over beer river or pool. People of Finland float down the Kerava river with handcrafted floating instruments including rafts, inflatable dinghies while getting drunk over beer.


6. The Medieval Festival – Romania

This is a three-day festival held during August bank holidays at Sussex. This festival of joy and will be an entirely new experience for sure. It consist of folk music, horses, medieval foods, drinks, battles and a lot more.


7. Water Gun Festival

This is the most ironic festival in South Korea. People basically celebrate it to cool off from unbearable heat. People regardless of age holds water gun and spray water on robotic invaders. Water Gun festival ends with dance over the tune of DJ